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Natural vegan sauces


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Organic & plant-based dips and Mayos

Yum and wild was born from the passion for cooking gourmet recipes to share with friends, whatever their diets. Our delicious sauces are certified ORGANIC and VEGAN. They are prepared with love from our chickpeas and aquafaba (the cooking water we recycle) with 100% natural ingredients !

The secret of our vegan sauces? UPCYCLING!*

Yum and Wild: delicious and sustainable French sauces. For all gourmets.

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We mix chickpeas grown in the south of France with 100% natural ingredients to elaborate our vegan “cheese style” Dips.

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upcycling sauces responsables


The cooking water, called “aquafaba”, is emulsified with French high-oleic sunflower oil and just the right amount of spices to create our succulent vegan mayos.

Yum and Wild awarded for its innovations to produce more eco-friendly vegetable sauces

Prix de l’alimentation durable et responsable

Yum and wild, our brand of French vegetable sauces, innovates for a more sustainable production method and it shows! We received the 2022 Sustainable and Responsible Food Award at the 41st regional competition Les Inn’Ovations. This award is a consecration for our research work for an ever more responsible production! Indeed, the jury was conquered by our innovative manufacturing process of our range of vegetable sauces, based on upcycling, as well as by a rigorous sourcing, as local as possible, for our natural ingredients. Yum and Wild proudly succeeded in conquering hearts thanks to its vegan and organic alternatives for more eco-responsible sauces. Thank you!

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