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our journey for wildly delicious sauces without artificial ingredients...

to be found in the fresh food section

Yum and Wild is a French brand of 100% vegetable organic sauces – egg-free, dairy-free, additive-free,… to be found in the fresh food section. It was born out of the desire to fill an obvious gap in our grocery store shelves with vegan and natural sauces by creating tasty recipes to share with friends, whatever their diets. This is how the innovative concept of Yum and Wild was born.

"We want to offer delicious alternatives to our traditional grocery products"

Audrey & Sven, founders of Yum&Wild

Our Revolution? It’s upcycling !

What is upcycling? It’s simply our no waste trick! We mix tasty French chickpeas, grown in the South of France, with quality
100% natural ingredients to create our plant-based “cheese style” DIPS. As for the chickpea cooking water, called “aquafaba*”, it is recycled and emulsified with French oleic sunflower oil and just the right touch of good spices to create succulent and creamy vegetable MAYOS.

pois chiches bio français


We mix French chickpeas to make our vegan Dips.


upcycling mobile
upcycling sauces responsables


The “aquafaba” is recycled and emulsified
with French oleic sunflower oil to bring the
creaminess of our vegan mayos


"improving THE WORLD one jar at a time"

fondatrice sauces yum and wild audrey

Audrey, R&D


After an academic career as a researcher in
food chemistry at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), she spread her passion for healthy food – 100% homemade – by creating Auden Healthy Café, her restaurant in Montpellier (France). It is while elaborating her appetizing menu that she had the idea of concocting innovative plant-based sauces to share with friends, whatever their diets.

Her other passion

The mountains and animals with a special
mention for dogs !

fondateur sauces yumandwild sven

Sven, Development


Sven met Audrey in Switzerland. Sharing entirely Audrey’s love of food and the ambition of a more sustainable and tasty nutrition, he joined her in the adventure of Auden Heathy café and since then they have formed an inseparable dream team. Coming from a communication and marketing background, it is obvious that he becomes the co-founder of Yum and Wild french sauces.

His other passion

Music. He was a DJ for several years and
maybe if you ask him very nicely, he’ll
make you a little mixtape.


Lilou, Marketing

Lilou joined us in the Summer of 2022 to support our Marketing and Communication department.

Her other passion

… you will find out soon …

sauces yumandwild blue

Blue, always faithful

Loyal sidekick of Audrey and Sven since the beginning of the healthy adventure initiated at Auden, she is the ultimate team member, always ready to bring a comforting cuddle between two existential crisis of the team.

Her other passion

Weekends. Because they announce long
hikes in the outdoors. (And in the
mountains, it’s even better!) Patient and
faithful, Blue accompanies the trio in the
Yum and Wild adventure.


"We want to offer a clean-label brand attentive to its ecological impact and naturality."

Organic Sauces, healthier and more natural

No additives, no preservatives, no sugar, for sauces… so wild!

The choice of our ingredients: a careful selection of exclusively organic natural ingredients, tasty and more nutritious than their alternatives on the market. Our recipes include oleic sunflower oil, chickpeas, cashew nuts rich in minerals and vitamins, etc. They are also made without added sugar and with less salt than the vast majority of other sauces available on the market! Extra fresh mayos and smooth dips with exemplary naturalness, perfect for healthier snacks… without fear of eating unnecessary ingredients, additives or other unpronounceable preservatives! It’s only natural that our organic sauces are kept in the fridge for even greater flavor. Yuuum!

Vegan sauces for everyone!

Our plant-based sauces suit most diets: egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free… a real pleasure to share 

Our vegan dips and mayos are concocted from simple plant-based ingredients: chickpeas, delicious cashew nuts, a few

vegetables, spices, yeast for that tasty cheesy or smoky flavor… and that’s it! No ingredients of animal origin for sauces labeled vegan.

label AB agriculture BIO
label BIO europe

Organic label, naturalness, upcycling, local sourcing, glass jars… We think about the planet and people at every level of our development.

Because when it’s good for the planet, it’s good for us, we study our environmental impact in each of our decisions to produce better. It is therefore essential that our sauces are certified organic, a label that guarantees that the ingredients are grown in accordance with our commitments.

The little french touch that makes the difference

Our sauces are 100% created, manufactured and packaged in France for an impeccable traceability

Our recipes are invented by us, tested by a handful of gourmets and produced by us in the south of France, in our workshop in Montpellier, Occitanie. Rigorous in the choice of our ingredients, we take care to favor French producers, whenever possible, for the sourcing of our ingredients such as our chickpeas, grown locally in Occitanie and our French high-oleic sunflower oil. The vast majority of our ingredients come from France, and

when it is not possible, from our European neighbors. Only the cashew nuts and some spices come from further away.

sauces vegans françaises

Simply delicious and creamy sauces

Pleasure and Taste first!

Let’s not forget the essential: our sauces are the indispensable allies of your gourmet moments. They will bring flavor and texture to your dishes and appetizers! So enjoy vegan mac and cheese with our Cheese style Dips, devour your baked potato deliciously filled with our garlic and thyme flavored Provencal Mayo or your sandwich topped with our smoked Cheese style cashew Dip and enjoy!